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AirAura X3 Spectral Processor **DEMO**


AirAura X3 Spectral Processor **DEMO** 009914
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Being loud just to be loud is easy. It’s been easy for years. Turning up the volume without causing listener fatigue – that’s the real challenge. X3 technology inside our AirAura delivers that sought-after loudness without ever sounding harsh, clipped, distorted or overdone. It simply sounds real.

The AirAuraX3 spectral audio processor for FM is equipped with processing technologies that simply didn’t exist until now, starting with a new final clipper that creates extremely competitive loudness while also minimizing listener fatigue. Another new technology unique to our third-generation AirAura helps extend perceived stereo coverage, and yet another technology helps hide the annoying coding artifacts that might be present in a station’s stereo source material. AirAuraX3’s incredible dial presence, its three selectable stereo multiplex modulation methods, its ability to help mask coding artifacts, its mitigation of many stereo multipath annoyances as well as its exclusive clipper technology, make it THE processor for on-air FM.

Dual front panel wide-screen displays show extensive detail about the processor’s operation. In addition to real-time measurement of input, output, and RMS (loudness) output levels, its comprehensive metering also shows all gain reduction activity.

AirAuraX3 accepts audio feeds from three different kinds of sources: Analog, AES3, or WheatNet-IP. AirAuraX3 is WheatNet-IP aware and can be controlled in the same manner as any WheatNet-IP BLADE. Each AirAura input may be configured for automatic failover in the event of an unplanned audio outage. Specialized analysis functions exclusive to Vorsis offer an astonishing overview of input or processed audio. And for ultimate flexibility, AirAura gives you remote processor control via wired Ethernet or integrated WiFi connectivity.

Of course, your music still has that AirAura sound that keeps happy listeners calling with compliments. Add a host of fresh factory presets that take advantage of all the new technology and you’ve got the best processor in ANY market!

AirAura X3 Spectral Processor **DEMO**

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