TV Sound Bite

D2 Detail1Here's a brainteaser for you. What two networks work with our new Dimension Two television audio console for moving anything not essential to your task at hand off the surface to where it can be shared and accessed on command?

  • A: International Network of Golf and SETI@home
  • B: Facebook and Twitter
  • C: TDM and audio over IP, giving you a foothold in the cool new world of IP yet keeping both feet firmly planted in the TDM world you know.

The correct answer is C. Our dual network approach lets you take advantage of what's new in IP without you having to give up your existing TDM infrastructure, plus frees up your work surface so you can do your best work yet. Download a spiffy new brochure on our Dimension Two audio console for answers to all your questions about networking, surround sound, and producing great audio on the fly.

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